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New Patients


Welcome to our office. Your dentist has referred you to us for a procedure that you probably know as a “root canal.” This treatment enables us to save teeth that would ordinarily have to be extracted. Your comfort is our primary concern. The doctors are skilled in making this procedure as painless as possible.

We are honored that you have chosen Cornerstone Endodontics for your root canal therapy. We understand that having a root canal can be a fearful experience, and the doctors and staff want to make your visit as comfortable as possible. We strive to help you from the time you are informed that you need a root canal until your tooth is completely healed.

Your dentist has referred you to us because he or she sincerely believes that your present condition requires the service of a specialist. We offer expert endodontic care and we are specially trained to provide root canal treatment. Please do not hesitate to ask questions of any member of our staff - we truly are here to serve you.

What to Expect

We will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your problem including employing all the necessary diagnostic tools available.  We have the ability to perform conventional digital 2D imaging and 3D imaging of your teeth with our small-field, ultra low-dose CT scanner.  Our doctors will discuss the diagnosis and visit with you about your options.  If your condition requires endodontic treatment to remedy your problem and if you elect to proceed with treatment, the tooth will be anesthetized and an opening will be made to allow access to the hollow part of your tooth that contains the diseased "nerve".  We will precisely clean your tooth and thoroughly disinfect the interior of your tooth with our state-of-the-art laser before filling the cleaned tooth with a biocompatible root filling material.  The tooth will be sealed with a temporary filling and you will be returned to your comprehensive dentist for prompt continued care that may include a filling or a new crown or bridge.  Depending on your pre-operative condition, your post-op discomfort will be managed with whatever is necessary to maximize your comfort while healing.  In most cases your treatment will be performed in one visit. However, on occasion, two visits may be necessary for better overall results.


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