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Why We're Different

Come See the Difference

We recognize that you have a choice for your endodontic treatment and we feel strongly that you will receive the very best treatment possible in our office. It is not cliché when we say we really treat our patients the way we would treat our families.

It is important to realize that endodontic treatment is not a commodity; a root canal is not a root canal is not a root canal. There is a HUGE difference in how your treatment can be performed.

We have been very intentional in designing our model and systems to afford you the very best chance of a long-term success. We schedule enough time for your treatment. We want you to really understand your situation and your options. 

It is a false economy to get fast and cheap endodontic treatment if it has to be redone, compromising your crown or bridge in the process and ending up costing far more in the long-run than doing it the best way possible the first time. We believe our patients come to us because of our technical excellence and the value we provide for their endodontic investment. We have earned our reputation for excellence and value.

This practice is truly built around the surgical operating microscope. We use it for every aspect of your treatment as it affords total visual control over the treatment field. In order to wring-out all the benefit from the microscope, there must be adequate time to negotiate and clean the canal space that can only be found with the microscope.  

We also utilize state-of-the-art Er:YAG laser-assisted technology to ensure the highest success rate for every endodontic procedure. It takes a total commitment to the best technology to make a clinical difference in your care.

We work closely with the very best comprehensive dentists in the region. Unlike most offices, a very large percentage of our patients choose us because of a referral from a friend or family member or because they need additional endodontic care for another tooth even years after their first treatment.

Please come see us. You WILL notice a difference.


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